Directions from Toronto

Take the 427 North to the 401 West. Drive past the Dixie Road exit and pay attention to get in the lane for the 410 North. Take the 410 North until it becomes Hwy 10. Continue on Hwy 10 until Orangeville, wherein you turn left onto Hwy 9 (the main street of Orangeville). Proceed West on Hwy 9 until Tiviotdale. Be careful, you must turn right at round-about in Tiviotdale to REMAIN on Hwy 9 West. When you reach Mildmay, you must pay attention after you pass the main part of town in order to make a left just on the edge of town onto Bruce Road 3. Continue North on Bruce Road 3 until you pass Paisley, then be on the lookout for a blinking yellow light above an intersection in the little town of Burgoyne. Turn left onto Bruce Road 17 and continue onto the town of Port Elgin. When you get into town, make a right at the first lights, then immediatly a left at the next lights for Green Street. Continue on Green Street until you see the A-Frame Cottages with the yellow tops on your left hand side. Turn left into the gravel driveway, please enter slowly as children often run out into the driveway from between the cabins.

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